The Novita Story


The Novita Headquarters in Seoul, Korea


   The Novita Factories in Seoul, Korea



















In 1984, Samsung Electronics created the brand “Novita”.  In collaboration with the Japanese home appliance brand “Zojirushi”, Novita developed innovative kitchen appliances that suits the lifestyle of the Korean market.


In the mid-90’s, health-consciousness became increasingly important, and Novita truly believes that personal hygiene is an important component to healthy lifestyles.  With that in mind, Novita aims to make Bidet Systems a necessity for health-conscious Koreans.  In 1996, through collaboration with Japan, the “birthplace” of Smart Bidet Systems, Novita created its first Bidet product.  Thereafter, the products have gone through many innovative improvements: Novita was the first manufacturer to produce the Instant Heating System that allows for continuous hot water supply.  It was also the first manufacturer that utilized a 30% air and 70% water air bubble cleansing system that cleans effectively yet comfortably.  Other innovations include the stainless steel nozzle and Ag-Nano interior materials that allow for durable, hygienic and convenient use.


With each innovation at Novita, a new product gets tested up to 5000 times to ensure exceptional quality and durability.  Each bidet goes through circuit breaker and overheating tests to comply with Novita’s strict standards for safety. 


In March 2003, Novita was exported to and distributed in Japan, the birthplace of Smart Bidet Systems.


In June 2005, Novita became the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for "Toshiba", one of the leading brands for consumer electronic products in Japan.  Novita bidets were redistributed under the Toshiba label and achieved the bestselling product in its category for six consecutive weeks.  To the present, Novita and Toshiba are still under pleasant partnership.


Now, as of 2010, Novita Bidet Systems is still one of the market leaders in Korea, being the largest seller, producer, and exporter of electronic bidets in Korea.