Useful Tips for Hygenic Use of Novita Bidets

Q: Are there any easier ways of cleaning the bidet at home?


A: Yes. 

1) Nozzle

When the nozzle cleaning button on the product is pressed, nozzle is fully extended and stops moving.  The nozzle can be separated into three components and can be taken out for cleaning.  Then clean, using a toothbrush, the part of the nozzle that appears to be heavily polluted.  (For an even cleaner effect, dilute vinegar with water, dip nozzle into the diluted vinegar and remove it after 30 to 60 seconds, then briefly clean the nozzle with a brush).


2) Dryer Heater

Clean the inside of the heater with cotton swab soaked with sterilizing disinfectant.  Be very careful when cleaning the inside of the heater so that no water may come in contact with any inside parts of the heater (Otherwise, it may lead to electric shock or product malfunctioning).


3) Main Unit

In order to clean the part where the main unit directly comes in contact with the toilet bowl, first separate the main unit from the toilet bowl by pressing the main unit release button then clean the part and remove the dirt and stains.

How to separate the main unit: Hold both ends of the main unit and pull it to separate while pressing and holding the main unit release button on the right side of the unit.


Q: How often should the bidet product be cleaned?


A: Although the nozzle automatically cleans before and after each use, the nozzle cleaning function should still be used as often as possible (once a day) to ensure full cleanliness.  This only requires pressing the nozzle cleaning button, and the bidet will do the work.  It is recommended that the main unit should be manually cleaned once a month with the above instructions.


* Pay attention to the following while cleaning the main unit

1. Make sure that the power plug is disconnected before cleaning the main unit.  Failure to do so may lead to electric shock.

2. Use only detergent that is not harmful to the human body, when cleaning the exterior part.

3. Never use acidic or alkaline detergent, benzene, thinner, etc.  It may damage the coating or cause discoloration or fading.