Product Features


  1. Instant Heating Systems (IHS) Using TFR (Thin FilmRutenox) Heating Unit: Each time cleansing operation is required, the TFR unit is activated to make hot water (33~40°C) available instantly; Up to 50% of water and 63% of power can be saved, compared to non-IHS bidet.
  2. With water tank not required, bidet can be installed even at smaller and narrower toilet, and eliminates wear- and-tear problems existing in conventional water tanks.
  3. Power saving: under normal usage circumstances, only 47-50 Watts are required to sustain the heated seat.
  4. LED Night Mood Lamp: With illumination sensor, bidet can be used easily and safely even when no source of light is available
  5. Touch-type Remote Control: Operation status accessible through LCD window at a glance
  6. Stainless steel nozzle ensures longer use of the product and Ag-Nano interior material helps kill bacteria significantly
  7. Detachable nozzle tip for easier cleaning and dust removal
  8. Ionic Water Filter included with purchase of bidet: eliminate impurities and limes to make cleansing water even cleaner





Product Functions


  1. Oscillating turbo cleansing function provides painless constipation-relieving effect.
  2. Air bubble cleansing: this innovative air pump features water flow consisting of 30% air and 70% water; this generates a massaging effect and reduces water consumption by as much as 50%.
  3. Stainless steel nozzle is self-cleaned automatically before and after each use, creating a more hygienic cleansing effect
  4. Separate nozzle for female users: retracts when not in use to prevent cross-contamination
  5. Child Preset Course: Full cleansing and drying process at the touch of a button
  6. Warm dryer reduces toilet paper use
  7. Integrated carbon deodorizer automatically removes odour
  8. Infrared sensor detects effectively: bidet operates only when user is present